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The Home Consignment Depot LLC. Consignment Agreement

The Home Consignment Depot and the Consignor who signs this contract unconditionally and irrevocably agree to the following terms:

  1.  The items are consigned for sale. Consignor warrants that he/she is the owner or is legally entitled to sell the items.

  2.  Consignors to receive 50% of net proceeds. Net proceeds include proportionate deduction for credit card service or check verification fee, if any.

  3.  Floor sales at consignors asking price subject to automatic permission to reduce price by 20% if necessary to make a sale. The Home Consignment Depot has sole discretion on pricing items.

  4. Consignor warrants that to the best of his/her knowledge, items are as represented and acknowledges their obligation to pay any incurred cost resulting in misrepresentation of their items. Including but not limited to repair, cleaning, storage, and disposal.Consignor warrants that he/she has a homeowners policy which covers items while consigned.

  5.  Consignor may remove any of there items from floor sale provided there is no pending sale. Such removal may be subject to payment of 15% of  the original asking price (minimum $25) at The Home Consignment Depot's discretion. 

  6.  Sold items will be processed within 30 days and checks will be issued noting which items have sold once your account balance meets of exceeds $50. 

  7. If The Home Consignment Depot determines after 60 days that an item is not likely to sell, the consignor agrees to further reduce price, donate or pick-up  item within 10 business days. Notice will be given at the Home Consignment Depots discretion.  

  8.  I verify that all the information I submit to the Home Consignment Depot LLC. in person or online is accurate and truthful.

  9.  I agree that I waive my right to civil recourse and agree to mediation. 

  10. If you the assignor, agree to accept store credit or donate your profits your decision is final and changes will not be made to your consignment contract. Furthermore, by donating your profits you authorize and assign the Home Consignment Depot to, at its sole discretion of donation recipients, hold, and disperse funds.

The Home Consignment Depot
1313 Hartnell Avenue 
Redding, CA 96001
530 - 722 - 0635
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